2023 Sasha Festival (#40)
Theme:  “Sasha Rocks
Host:  Karen & Kurt Renn
Location:  Portland, OR
Date:  27-30 July 2023
Dress-A-Sasha Theme:
(1) Favorite Rockstar or Band: Choose one standout singer or a whole group - dress your doll(s) accordingly and show us who gets you up on your feet and singing out loud!
(2) Favorite Musical Memory: Music is strongly intertwined with our memories. Hearing a song from the past can transport you back in time, triggering the sights, sounds, and feelings of a special event. Most of our best memories have a theme song.
Childrens Fund Auction:  $?
Festival Outfit:
    (1) Rock Star Suit: bright pink blazer with black accents, white and grey checked dress shirt, skinny black polka dot tie, black polka dot socks, and shiny black side-buckle shoes (black pants to be sent?)
    (2) Punk Rock Girl: pink and black plaid skirt & corset with heart-print knee high socks, and shiny black studded boots (sample shown, full outfit to be sent?)